Tuttle, Oklahoma

Timber Ridge Farm lc,llc,  is a working farm located in Tuttle, Oklahoma  featuring meat lambs for sale. We breed trophy class American Blackbelly rams and raise all our animals on natural feed without hormones. We cater to those who are interested in adding the finest quality lambs to your flock or as pets. The American Blackbelly sheep are noted for having up to three lambings over a two year period, often producing twins or triplets. 

We cater to all ethnic groups for special occasions. 

Also offering potted flowers, vegetables, herbs and pond plants for your water garden this Spring.

Timber Ridge Farm lc,llc  started in 1993 when the first of over 1500 pine trees were planted, thus  Timber Ridge Farm lc,llc  was born.

Local residents include guard donkeys watching over the  American Blackbelly sheep, two KOI ponds, along with many visiting wildlife. Often, you will see wild deer, quail, Rio Grand turkeys, a local Road Runner, and a variety of migrating birds. (No hunting allowed) By adding several massive flower gardens, a large herb garden, and producing vineyard and orchard, it makes the farm life very enjoyable. Located atop a pine tree lined hill, in the serene peaceful country, you can see the town lights from six towns at night. This makes July 4th very enjoyable, as you never have to leave the farm; just look from any direction to enjoy the fireworks!



  • New lambs will be arriving on the farm.


Our lambs are fed whole oats, alfalfa pellets, a little corn chops and fresh pasture when young. No growth chemicals or hormones are ever given to them, producing healthy, all natural  stock, to add to your flock. It's a blessing watching them play in the pasture knowing they are strong and healthy animals.

Each spring, we raise and offer for sale chicks. It is fun to watch the chicks growing into fine adult birds which offer fresh farm fresh eggs and meat, free of chemicals and all natural.  Chicks will be available after April 3rd, 2017.  

When raising chicks, you will need to keep the new chicks in a warming pen for the next two months so they will be able to survive in the outdoors. After that, you can place them in an outdoor pen with roosting perches and nesting boxes.  Around five to seven months, the new chickens will start to lay their first eggs, laying one every day or so. Be sure to collect them daily and keep them in the refrigerator at 40 degrees temp. to be safe.

Always offer fresh water and feed at all times. You will enjoy your new ALL NATURAL chickens with fresh eggs daily. Chickens can live 10-15 years, but lay best between seven months and three years. 

Note: Be sure to check with your local code department, to see if you are allowed chickens where you live. Some areas do not allow chickens. 


Be sure to contact us for your  lambs,   flowers, vegetables, and pond plants for your water gardens.

  • Fresh lambs for sale- for breeding and all ethnic occasions. Call to reserve your lamb early.

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